January Newsletter

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January Events/Holidays

  • 1st– New Years Day
  • 13th– Golden Globe Awards
  • 16th – Religious Freedom Day\
  • 21st—Martin Luther King Jr. Day (OFFICE CLOSED)

Valentine's Goodie Bags

It’s almost that time of year! We are putting together goodie bags for your special Valentine at no cost to you! Simply come to the office, tell us who you would like to send a Valentine to and we will do the rest! You can send one to your spouse, roommate, the cute neighbor down the hall, or anyone who lives at Steeplechase. We will be placing the valentines outside of everyone’s door on Valentine’s day. You may add a personal message to your valentine or simply remain anonymous. We will be taking orders through Tuesday, February 12th.

Office Closed

The office will be closed Monday, January 21st. We will open again Tuesday, January 22nd at 8:30 AM. Please call 402-932-9900 with any emergencies!

Business Center

Did you know that Steeplechase has a business center located in the office? We have a computer and printer for our residents to use during our normal business hours, free of charge! While you’re at it, check us out on facebook!

Car Safety

Just a friendly reminder that the safest place for your valuables is with you or in your apartment, not in your vehicle! Car break ins can happen anywhere at anytime. We are not responsible for damaged or stolen property.


Should we have snow, in order to plow the parking lot most efficiently we ask that you do not leave your vehicles parked in the same spot for long periods of time. Please alert the office if you notice any slippery areas so we can take care of it promptly!

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